The vine, which gives the highest quality wine Laški Riesling, and requires the best location, fertile and moderately moist soil, grows in the vicinity of the Terasse Jeruzalem Resort apartments.

Our top wine Laški Riesling is a wine that fits perfectly for everyday occasions as well as for special occasions. The wine is lighter but full and rich in flavour. Serve chilled at 8-9 degrees C. The wine can also be mixed with sparkling mineral water (the so-called “špricar”); especially semi-dry wine is suitable for mixing.


Our wines:

  • Laški rizling – semi-sweet wine

Semi-sweet wine, year 2015, late harvest. The wine goes well with desserts, white meat, fish dishes, especially tuna and salmon.


  • Laški rizling – semi-dry wine

Semi-dry wine year 2015. The wine goes well with light dishes, vegetable dishes, pasta, fish dishes, white meat or home-made cold cuts. Suitable for mixing with mineral water, for the so-called "špricar".


  • Laški rizling – dry wine

Dry wine, year 2016. The wine goes well with stronger food, meat dishes and goulash.


  • Sparkling wine - extremely dry wine

Laški Riesling. Extremely dry sparkling wine, year 2015. Sparkling wine is an excellent choice as an aperitif. It goes well with seafood, salmon, prosciutto and hearty desserts such as Prekmurska gibanica, donuts,...


  • Cuvee - mixed wine


  • Eco wine - mixed wine

Top quality wine Terasse Jeruzalem: 42,00 eur 6 bottles

Top quality Ecological wine Terasse Jeruzalem: 60,00 eur 6 bottles

Sparkling wine Terasse Jeruzalem: 90,00 eur 6 bottles