Apartments TERASSE JERUZALEM are located on the most beautiful location of the Jeruzalem vineyards.


They are recognized by the charming panoramic terrace, which offers a breathtaking view from Pomurje to Podravje. On the winegrowing hills, you can see contours of terraced and vertical vineyards.


Under the panoramic terrace is the most famous and also forgotten Babji klanec, which is already known from the Turkish times. Babji klanec got its name because the women (babe) supposed to chase away the Turkish army.


Apartments Terasse Jerusalem are an excellent starting point for cyclists and hikers along beautiful and varied arranged routes and as well along endless roadless areas with relaxing break by the pond.


Villa Izabela is located 10 km from Jeruzalem and is suitable for bigger families vacation, groups of friends and team buildings.


The beauty of nature will surely take over you.




Manuela Kuhar Makoter, a surgeon


Matej Makoter, entrepreneur


We are both lovers of nature, healthy lifestyle, cycling, skiing, water sports.


We enjoy in premium cuisine and premium wines.


We enjoy by designed of new projects and by work in our terraced vineyards in Jeruzalem.


We are creative and always ready for new challenges.


The biggest joy present us our 4 years old daughter Julija.


Vinolentia d.o.o.

Stara cesta 34/a

9240 Ljutomer

VAT number: SI67391494

Registration number: 6973540000

Registration authority: District court Murska Sobota


Manuela Kuhar Makoter

+386 70 859 606  /  +386 31 323 231