Near the apartments Terasse Jerusalem Resort grows a grapevine of premium Welsch Riesling, which requires the finest position, fertile and medium moist soil. With excellent conditions and appropriate care, this grapevine gives us rich grapes, from which our premium wine Terasse Jerusalem is produced.

Our superior wine Welsch Riesling is a wine appropriate for everyday and for special occasions. Taste of the wine is rich and full despite its smoothness. You have to serve it chilled to 8-9 degrees. The wine can also be mixed with mineral water, especially half-dry wine is suitable for mixing.


Our wines:

Welsch Riesling – Half sweet wine

A half-sweet wine year 2015, late harvest. The wine fits perfectly with desserts, white meat, fish dishes, especially tuna and salmon.


Welsch Riesling – Half dry wine

Half dry wine year 2015. The wine fits perfectly with light meals, vegetable dishes, pasta, fish dishes, white meat, cold cuts. It is also suitable for mixing with mineral water, for the so-called “špricar”.


Welsch Riesling - dry wine

Dry wine year 2016. The wine fits perfectly with stronger food, meat dishes, goulash.