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Ormoške lagune

The Ormož Lagoons consist of six former waste water pools of the Ormož Sugar Factory. Today, the area is a nature reserve, which is of great national and international importance due to the occurrence of a large number of conservation-important bird species that appear here during migration and nesting periods. Otter and water buffalo can also be found.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 12,8 km

  • House Robida - 16,8 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 24,2 km

Gajševsko jezero

Gajševsko jezero is an artificial accumulation lake on the river Ščavnica, which lies between the villages of Gajševci and Grabami near Ljutomer in the municipality of Križevci. It was created in 1973 with the construction of an embankment, which was used to dam the Ščavnica and thereby create a reservoir for pouring out floodwaters.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 13,1 km

  • House Robida - 3,9 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 6,6 km

Jasa in park doživetij Križevci

In the immediate vicinity of the center of Križevci is the Jasa and adventure park. It is a motorcycle park, where there is a circular recreational path, which includes thematic sections intended for recreation, exercise and games for children, youth, parents... There is also a nicely decorated restaurant within the park.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 14,3 km

  • House Robida - 8,8 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 2,4 km

Tinekov brod

Tinek's boat offers you an unforgettable sailing experience across the Mura River. The first ferryman was Martin (née Tinek) Pozderec and he transported passengers, livestock and cargo across the Mura until 1976, when the bridge was built.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 19 km

  • House Robida - 20 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 15,8 km

otok Ljubezni

The island of love is bordered on one side by the Mura river, and a natural river channel is built around it, creating a natural island. A floating mill on the river, an exhibition of Büjrastva and peaceful and unspoiled nature await you.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 21,9 km

  • House Robida - 16 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 9,6 km

Madžerkin breg

The Mađerkin breg viewpoint has a total height of approximately 27.00 m, which means that visitors are at the highest point of Međimurje during their visit to the viewpoint, more precisely at 361 m above sea level. The view from it is breathtaking.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 23,6 km

  • House Robida - 24,6 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 27,3 km

Blaguško jezero

Lake Blaguš is located in the village of Blaguš in the municipality of Sveti Jurij ob Ščavnica. It is an artificial lake that was built in the 1960s with the purpose of collecting water, which was used to irrigate the fields during the summer dry months. In the summertime, you can refresh yourself in a pleasant bar.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 26,3 km

  • House Robida - 17,1 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 16,6 km


A unique experience of Pomurje is offered by the Expano adventure park by Lake Soboške on the outskirts of Murska Sobota, which presents all the beauties and delicacies of Pomurje with innovative technology.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 26,5 km

  • House Robida - 20,5 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 11 km

Ocean Orchids

We have enriched the offer of the company Ocean Orchids with a piece of colorful tropical wilderness - a garden of tropical plants, which is located next to the company's production areas. From the garden, you can peek into the production, where around 4,000 orchids bloom every day.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 27,7 km

  • House Robida - 28,7 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 27,9 km

živalski vrt Sikaluzoo

The Sikaluzoo zoo is located on the estate, in the town of Boraceva, in the municipality of Radenci, not far from the health resort. The purpose of the zoo is to preserve, care for and breed animals, and to raise and educate people who are or will become animal lovers.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 29,3 km

  • House Robida - 23,2 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 13,8 km

doživljajski park Bukovniško jezero

Adventure park Bukovniško jezero is an ideal place for rest, relaxation and fun. It lies in a wonderful forest around Lake Bukovni in the heart of Prekmurje. Lake Bukovnica is an accumulation lake located south of the village of Bukovnica in the southeast of Goričko.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 31,5 km

  • House Robida - 30,5 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 28,3 km

Razgledni stolp Vinarium

The Vinarium Lendava observation tower, 53.5 m high, offers you a beautiful 360° view of the colorful landscape, which stretches from the Lendava Mountains, where the tower is proudly located, all the way to the Mura basin, and captures a beautiful view of the plains and hills of Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 33,2 km

  • House Robida - 34,3 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 40 km


Ptuj has a beautiful and interesting old town. The Ptuj Castle rises proudly above the city, where today the seat of the Ptuj Regional Museum is located.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 34,3 km

  • House Robida - 28,1 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 41,1 km


At Grad na Goričko, 3 million years ago, the last volcano erupted in the area of today's Slovenia. You can experience its eruption again in the Vulkanija adventure park.

Distance from:

  • Terasse Jeruzalem - 51,6 km

  • House Robida - 45,5 km

  • Villa in House Izabela - 36 km

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