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Ljutomer is the center of Prlekija, located in the north-east of Slovenia and bordering Štajerska, Prekmurje and Croatia. The river Ščavnica flows through the city, which flows into the river Mura at Razkrižje. The town is known for the first Slovenian camp, which took place in August 1868, and trotting sport, which has a century-old tradition (trotting races; Ljutomerski Trotter horse breed). On the edge of Prlekija (Ljutomera) is a hilly area made of tertiary marls and clay, which is an important wine-growing area of ​​Slovenia, with its center in Jeruzalem. The town’s development was significantly influenced by the regulation of Ščavnica and the construction of Lake Gajševci, which prevented many floods from the past.
The thermometer is located near the tourist centers - Banovci, Radenci, Bioterme Mala Nedelja. In the park of the first Slovenian camp is located the Ljutomer summer swimming pool. The city is home to the Ljutomer City Museum, which houses a rich collection from the camp movement and the NOB period in the area. The Grossmann film and wine festival is organized in the town of Ljutomer.

Coffee and Cake


• Pizzeria Oxygen
• Mitra
• Pizzeria Zvezda
• confectionery Flo Cukeraj
• Cafe Gaš
• Cafe Jerusalema

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